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The surroundings of Coursavy

The campsite is situated on the border between the regions Midi-Pryrenees and Auvergne, between the departements Cantal et Aveyron. It lies halfway between Aurillac to the north and Rodez to the south.
In the region there are numerous picturesque villages. Conques, at 7 km is one of the most famous.

At the bottom of this page is a slide show of these pictures.

Conques with its Norman cathedral from the 11th century

shaded terrace in a side street

here you have some choice

but you must be able to climb

everything is for sale except the door

and this stone gentleman

how do you recognise the town hall?

the convent still with monks living behind the shutters

in La Vinzelle there is a lot to see

the walnuts are not yet ready

like the grapes

everywhere you can spot the river

flowers and more flowers

try to pass without resting here

castles and banana plants

don't ring the bell

the miracle of Millau

closer to its even more impressive

can't see enough of it

a technical giant which makes you fall silent

a giant from another era

Rocamadour, beautiful as ever

different but beautiful as well 

and this

the beekeeper lives close to the campsite

a canoe trip on the Lot

with magnificent views

Estaing,on the banks of the Lot

and Rocamadour

The same images as above in a 1 minute slide show

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