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Impression of the campsite

the entrance

springtime guests enjoy the silence

the first little summer guests

with dad it is always safe

but this we can do on our own

who's birthday is it

here dad has to give a hand

just doing nothing

here is a meeting going on

more deliberation

waiting on each other

then walk upstream to let yourself drift back to the campsite

sport on the playing field

more sportĀ 

sport also

here the small kids have no chance

and than capsize of course

taking a sunbath

or looking out over the rivier

taking about the big one on the next photo

what do you think

wild water kayaking, that's a sport

more simply is fun as well

a slide all for me alone

parents also want to have fun

with music

another popular sport

but who is cheating?

the first task in the morning

the pingpong table is still deserted

and so the day is finishing and dusk is falling

telling each other stories

don't read to long

because the baker passes every morning on time

the most important board on the campsite, before the existence of the internet

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